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The 7 Sexiest Life Insurance Policies Ever

Have you ever looked at a life insurance policy and thought "va-va-va-voom!"

Us too, which is why we compiled the most scintillating, steamy policies ever to grace paper. So strap in and hold on to your riders as we reveal the 7 sexiest life insurance policies ever!!!

7. ING's Assignment of Life Insurace Policy As Collateral

We kick off the list with some flair. Just look at those orange highlights. What a delightful tease!

6. AXA Equitable

This is symmetrical, but still quite shapely. Well played, AXA Equitable. Well played, indeed.

5. MDA Insurance

A seductive green logo and the word "insurance" in come-hither purple? Simply naughty!

4. Old School AIG Life Insurance Policy

This old school AIG policy doesn't need to be fancy. It knows what you want… and it knows how to deliver. Raar!

3. SBI Life Insurance

If you like your forms with gray highlights, then SBI has a treat for you.

2. Liberty Bankers Life Insurance / The Capitol Life Insurance Company

Marvel at the majestic blue flag logo, experience new heights of ecstasy by the dashing red X above the owner's signature. (Or, as we like to say, "Red X-tasy.")

1. Classic Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York

Like a fine wine, this classic policy only gets better with age. C'est magnifique!


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