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In Case You Get Hit by a Bus: How to Organize Your Life Now for When You're Not Around Later

Task: Tell Someone Your Plan Exists And How To Access It

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If you never tell anyone about the plans you created, it can be as if you’ve never done any planning at all.

We presented you with 80 tasks to complete. That’s a lot of stuff, right? If you spent all this time and effort getting these details into place, the biggest travesty would be for them to not be shared with the people who will one day need them. This might seem obvious, but perhaps you think it’s not the right time to share this information. However, if an emergency happens without warning, as is often the case, you can’t take a timeout to make arrangements.

In the Everplan we strongly suggest you name “Deputies,” who are the people that can view your plans. You can set permissions so they can see some or all of this information today, after you pass, or even never if that information isn’t meant for them.

You can also put all your physical documents in a folder and your digital plans on your computer, if that makes you feel comfortable, but you must tell someone you trust the location of the documents and information, as well as how to access it, to truly make a plan of use.

The Task

Tell someone about your plan! It’s that simple. Let them know you keep all your important documents in your home safe (provide the combination somewhere), or in a filing cabinet in your home office, or with your attorney (provide the contact info), or on your computer (where do you keep the password?), or anywhere else.

Everyone’s life is a mystery and you should make yours really easy to solve for the people you care about. Each piece of information you organize and share, no matter how small, is a clue to help them piece everything together.

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