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Task: Finalize Your Home Operating System

If you followed the previous tasks you’ve already taken a tour of your home and written down a bunch of notes. Now it’s time to clean it up and complete your masterpiece.

For the past six tasks we asked you to run around your home to compile a Home Operating System (HOS). You should have all your notes either written in a notebook or in a digital document. If you need a refresher, here are links to the tasks:

Common Areas | Security & Automation | Basement | Main Floor | Upstairs | Outside

Now it’s time to craft those notes into something useful for your family. We suggest creating a digital document where you can embed photos and links, quickly update it, and easily share among every member of your household that needs to know this stuff. You can always print out a copy too, even put it in a binder if you’re extra fancy, but that’s up to you. Just make sure it’s readily available so the next time you get a call or text asking you how something works you can simply say “Check the Home Operating System and leave me be!”

The Steps To Finalize Your HOS

  • Create A Cover Page: [YOUR FAMILY’S NAME] HOME OPERATING SYSTEM, with the address and date.
  • Edit It Down & Clean It Up: If you wrote everything down by hand in a notebook, you’ll want to transcribe it, which will help you get it in really good shape right away. If you took notes digitally then clean up the document and edit the things that might be unclear.
  • Include Photos: Start dragging photos into the areas that apply to break up the pages and add more flavor. If you didn’t take photos the first time, make it an ongoing project.
  • One Final Read: Have you created a colorful, helpful, and easy to follow instruction manual/troubleshooting guide? We’re sure you did!
  • Extra Bonus: If you want to take your organization to another level, gather up related paperwork (warranty info, actual instruction manuals), take photos and add them into the appropriate spots, and then put them in the same folder so they’re all in the same place. You can also include links to relevant services, instruction manuals, and other helpful resources too.

Now that you’re happy with it, share it with your family. You can even include them in the process and encourage them to make additions or provide more details where needed. While you may have done all the heavy lifting this should be appreciated by all, the same way they appreciate the roof keeping them dry during a storm.

The Task Should Be Complete

As you can see from taking a tour through your home there’s so much knowledge in your head that needs to be in your Home Operating System. You should also upload a copy of your HOS in your Everplan so it’s easily accessible. Now you can take comfort in knowing things can run smoothly without you having to do all the work.

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