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Task: Digital Accounts: Health & Fitness & Wellness

Before we dive into digital health and fitness accounts, please note: You don’t want to include healthcare or prescription portals here.

Those are much more important and relevant and should be rolled up with your Health & Medical details, which were covered in the “What Types Of Insurance Do You Have?” task.

Now that we got the serious stuff out of the way, first think devices you used to track your body. If it’s a Fitbit or other wearable it can be reset and used by someone else. If it’s an Apple Watch include that with your other Apple services and devices.

If you were subscribed to any health-based meal or diet programs like Weight Watchers, and no one else plans on using them, they should be canceled to stop the charges and the accounts deleted.

If you have a subscription to a paid virtual workout like PX90 or a meditation app like Headspace or Calm, what would you want done with them? If you went high-end and bought expensive equipment like a Peloton, what should happen to it. Will anyone keep using it and paying the monthly fees for workouts or should it be canceled and sold?

Your Task

Identify any and all fitness, wellness, or health-based programs, with clear instructions on what should be done with them. If anything was prepaid can they seek out a refund? If it was a shared account how do you transfer it to another person’s name. The thing you want to avoid is an interruption in service if someone else plans on using the service but might get kicked off if there’s no payment method.

If you use a password manager you can write it directly in the notes field, if you use a digital document you can put it there, and last but not least you can put it in the Digital Accounts section of your Everplan.

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