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Task: Compile A Simple (Or Comprehensive) Genealogy & Family History

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genealogy and family history

Keep your family tree alive and healthy by sharing details and brief stories.

Here are the people you’ll want to include so you don’t leave anyone out:

Maternal Grandmother | Maternal Grandfather | Paternal Grandmother | Paternal Grandfather | Mother | Father | Siblings | Children | Grandchildren | Aunts | Uncles | Cousins | Nieces | Nephews | Great Grandparent | Friends That Are Practically Family

For each person include the following info:

  • Name (include nicknames too)
  • Birthday
  • Birth location (city, state, hospital for immediate family)
  • My favorite story about this person
  • My favorite memories of this person
  • The most important thing I learned from this person
  • Other thoughts I’d like to share about them

If you’re married, have your spouse follow the same template for your in-laws.

The Task

Follow the format above and start gathering the details. It’s fine to write more about the family members that made the biggest impact on your life, be it positive or negative. Not all of life’s stories are happy and what you include is up to you. Be honest and sincere, since this can possibly impact future generations. If you say an Uncle was a sleazeball because you didn’t like him, it might not sit well with his kids. Unless they agree, then it might bring you all together. Family is funny that way. Start a digital document to get all this info down in one place, or go to the Family & Loved Ones section of your Everplan and get to work.

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