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Reasons To Organize And Share Important Documents

By planning and organizing now you can relieve huge burden by helping your family easily settle your estate, pay required taxes, and quickly receive the benefits they are entitled.

After a death, there are a lot of financial and administrative tasks for your family to take care of that can quickly become overwhelming. Your family can end up spending months digging through drawers and file cabinets and waiting for new statements and bills to arrive just to figure out what’s going on—and even then, they might not uncover everything. Here's how you can prevent it.

Some of the most valuable administrative things you can do to help your family after you’re gone include:

  • Identify important financial, legal, estate planning, and personal documents and accounts
  • Gather the account paperwork 
  • Gather online account logins and passwords
  • Store these items in a safe, easy-to-find location

To help you get started, we’ve created lists of common types of accounts and documents to be organized, such as:

For a printable checklist of all the documents you might need to collect, use our resource Checklist: Documents to Organize and Share.

State-By-State Health, Legal, And End-Of-Life Resources

Important Documents

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