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Pets Can Have Obits, Too

For those of us who are pet lovers, we know that losing a pet can be as difficult as losing a human family member.

There are lots of ways to remember pets who are gone, and now Singapore's largest newspaper, The Straits Times, is offering pet obituaries, according to BoingBoing.

We understand the pain of losing a pet, and we will be adding more pet-related resources on Everplans soon. In the meantime, I thought I'd write the obituary for my family's dog, Snuggles Schneiderman.

Snuggles (1989-2005) was a loving bichon; cute, cuddly and sweet. He enjoyed being with his family, playing on the beach, and sometimes being a bit naughty (like the time he jumped on the Thanksgiving table when no one was looking to have a bite of turkey). Snuggles was also adventurous. One night, he ran away, and walked over 2 miles to a neighboring town where he was found by nice people who kindly returned him. Snuggles lived a long life and died of old age at 16. Snuggles has been gone for many years, but we still think about him every day.

Do you have an obituary for your pet you'd be wiling to share? Please send it to us here.

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