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Nurses Have Feelings Too, And A Good Sense Of Humor According To This Funny List

Caregiving can be a difficult and sometimes thankless job. You're juggling a number of patients and they're all in different degrees of pain and not in the best of moods. Nurses often becomes the target of that frustration and are trained to let things go, move on and handle the next crisis. But they're human… and according to a recent list called 30 Things Nurses Almost Say, But Then Don't also have a great sense of humor. A few of our favorites on the list:

I’m not a waitress.
I’m not killing you.
You are allowed to do some things for yourself. For example, you may scratch your own nose.
Be nice to me. I know 100 ways to kill you just off the top of my head.
Despite your assumption, no, I can’t lift 3 times my own body weight.

To enjoy the rest of the list head over to Savor the Essence of Life.

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