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Massachusetts Advance Directive Form

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Massachusetts is one of three states that do not recognize Living Wills, so this form will not be legally valid. However, a Living Will can still be invaluable in helping to guide your Health Care Proxy or other family members who may be responsible for your care decisions.

Overview: Massachusetts recognizes Health Care Proxies but there is no law in Massachusetts governing Living Wills and there is no standard Living Will form for Massachusetts. You can create your own or use the one we created below. Again, this is not legally valid but it can guide your Health Care Proxy and your physicians about the types of choices you would make.

Required Information for Naming a Health Care Proxy: You and two (2) witnesses must sign your MA Health Care Proxy form for it to be considered valid.

Download the MA Health Care Proxy Form Here
(Via Massachusetts Health Decisions)

Required Information: Even though this document may not be recognized legally, we recommend signing it and having two (2) witnesses sign it as well.

Download the Everplans MA Living Will Form Here

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