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Kentucky Advance Directive Form

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Below is the information you'll need in order to obtain an Advance Directive in Kentucky.

Overview: The Kentucy Living Will is called a "Living Will Directive" and is included in an Advance Directive packet that also contains a form for naming a Health Care Proxy.

Required Information: Your signature must be Notarized OR two (2) witnesses must sign your KY Advance Directive for it to be considered valid. Witnesses CAN NOT be any of the following:

  • A blood relative.
  • A beneficiary of the grantor under descent and distribution statutes of the Commonwealth.
  • An employee of a health care facility in which the grantor is a patient, unless the employee serves as a notary public.
  • An attending physician of the grantor.
  • Any person directly financially responsible for the grantor’s health care.

Download the Kentucky Advance Directive Form Here
(Via Kentucy Office of the Attorney General)

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