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How To Sign The Guestbook At A Funeral Or Memorial Service

Many people set out guestbooks at funerals and memorial services to have a record of who attended the service.

At the funeral service the family will likely be overwhelmed and may not remember everyone they spoke to. In addition, depending on the number of people in attendance, the family may not have had a chance to interact with everyone who came. Having a guestbook after the event allows the family to know who was there, and can offer comfort and solace after the event.

How To Sign A Funeral Guestbook

If you attend the funeral or memorial service, you should sign the guestbook. Depending on the size of the funeral there may be multiple guestbooks, and you should sign only one. As the guestbook is meant to give the family a record of those who attended, it is not the place to leave condolences or other notes. You should simply write your name in the guestbook. If you don’t know the family very well, you can also write your relationship to the person who died, such as “John Smith, St. Anthony’s Church” or “Jane Smith, Company Name.” If you wish to leave a more extensive note for the family, consider writing a letter expressing your condolences.

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