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How To Close an Uber Account When Someone Dies

All the information you'll need to delete an Uber account.

Service: Uber is a ridesharing app where users can order cars of varying luxury and size for pickup and drop-off.

How To Delete An Account: You can’t delete an account on your own. You must email Uber at for it to be deleted.

For Drivers: Apart from deleting your account like a rider would, you can also change your notification settings to offline so you don’t get notifications or pickup requests. You can also email, ask if any money is owed and request for them to delete your vehicle.

Note: If the account is linked to Facebook, go into “Settings,” click “Apps,” find the Uber app and click remove. Don’t forget to delete the app from the phone.

Required Information

  • Email
  • Password

Uber official page on closing an account

  • Online Accounts
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