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How To Close an ooVoo Account When Someone Dies

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All the information you'll need to deactivate an ooVoo account.

Service: ooVoo is an independent video chat and messaging app.

How To Deactivate An Account: There are two options: web and mobile. Both are described below.

Via Mobile: While you cannot actually delete your account, you can make it so that nobody can find you. Sign in and click on your display name. Type ‘closed.’ Next, click your profile photo and select ‘Settings.’ Go to ‘Privacy & Security’ and change search preferences to ‘No One.’ Lastly, remove the profile photo, and delete the app.

Via Web: Again, you cannot actually delete the account, but you can remove all personal details, making the account basically non-existent. After signing in, go to ‘ooVoo’ then ‘My Profile’ and then ‘Edit My Profile.’ Change your display name to ‘Closed’ and remove your display photo. Go to ‘ooVoo’ then ‘Settings’ and then ‘Privacy’ and change your search profile setting to ‘No One,’ making it impossible for people to search for your account. Next, go to ‘ooVoo’ then ‘Emails’ and uncheck the boxes under ‘Notifications’ so that you do not receive any more emails from ooVoo. Lastly, uninstall ooVoo from your computer, if you wish to do so.

Required Information

  • Username
  • Password

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