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How To Close An AT&T Wireless Account When Someone Dies

All the information you'll need to close or transfer an AT&T Wireless account.

Service: AT&T is the nation’s oldest telecommunications company, now providing voice, video, data and Internet services to individuals and businesses.

How To Close An Account: To remove a line or cancel service call 800-331-0500. Once connected, select option 3 and then again select option 3.

To avoid an Early Termination Fee, you'll have to provide the deceased's Social Security number and/or password. The balance on the account is the responsibility of the estate.

Required Information

  • Mobile phone number
  • Social Security Number and/or Password

AT&T official page on closing a wireless account.

To close additional AT&T services (home phone, Internet, and TV) you must call 800-288-2020.

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