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How To Close A Wordpress Account When Someone Dies

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All the information you'll need to delete a Wordpress site.

Service: Wordpress is an open-source blogging tool and content management system.

How To Delete A Blog: Wordpress accounts cannot be deleted, but individual blogs associated with them can.

1. Log in to Wordpress.com and click “Tools” from the site’s dashboard.

2. Click “Delete Site.”

3. Click the dropdown menu and choose the option “Permanently delete my site’s address and all content.”

4. Click the check box and select the “Click the Delete yourgroovysite.wordpress.com Permanently” button.

5. The email account associated with the blog will receive an email with a confirmation link. Click the link to complete deletion.

To leave Wordpress.com, just leave the account inactive. To unsubscribe from any email notifications, visit subscription settings and check the box that says “Block Emails” then click save.

Required Information

  • Email
  • Password

Wordpress official page on deleting a blog.

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