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How To Close a TweetDeck Account When Someone Dies

All the information you'll need to remove a TweetDeck account.

Service: TweetDeck is an online platform designed and owned by Twitter for “real time tracking, organizing, and engagement.” Users can build custom timelines, as well as see their messages, notifications, and activity in one simple interface.

How To Remove An Account: TweetDeck is unique in that you simply log in with your Twitter username and password to use their platform. Because of this, you’re not deleting a TweetDeck account, but simply removing your Twitter account from the TweetDeck on your computer. To do this, just go to ‘Accounts’, which is the picture of the two heads on the left sidebar, and select ‘Remove Account.’

Note: If you delete a Twitter account it will also be deleted from TweetDeck.

Required Information

  • Email or Twitter Username
  • Password

TweetDeck Help Center

  • Online Accounts
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