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How To Close A PlayStation Account When Someone Dies

All the information you'll need to close a Sony Entertainment Network account on your PlayStation entertainment system.

Service: PlayStation is a gaming and entertainment platform that makes downloadable games, music, movies and other content available for sale.

How to Remove an Account: Once a Sony Entertainment Network account is created, it cannot be deleted, however an account can be closed so that it’s never used again.

1. Deactivate the associated PlayStation from the PlayStation Network. Information on that process is based on the console you're using: Deactivate PS4 | Deactivate PS3 | Deactivate Console Via Website

2. To close a Sony Entertainment Network account, you must have it banned or suspended via written request sent from the email address used as the Sign In ID. Initiate the process by calling Sony at 855-999-SONY (7669).

Note: Any purchased content associated with a closed account can no longer be accessed. In order to disable an account while continuing to access its content, Sony recommends canceling all subscriptions and deleting all billing information as an alternative.

Required Information

  • Sign In ID
  • Email
  • Password

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