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How To Close A Care.com Account When Someone Dies

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All the information you'll need to delete a Care.com account.

Service: Care.com helps families and individuals connect with caregivers to assist in managing the care of loved ones. 

How To Close An Account:

  • Hover over “My Care.com” on the Top Right of the Home Page.
  • Click “Account and Settings.”
  • Scroll Down to the “Membership Information” Section and Click the “Close Account” Button.
  • Press the “No thanks, cancel my membership” option then select a reason for why you are closing your account.
  • Press Continue

Required Information:

  • Email
  • Password

If You are Logged Into Care.com using Facebook:

  • Log into Care.com using the Facebook account email and password.
  • Delete account using steps listed above.

Disconnect & Remove Account From Facebook:

Click “Settings” on your Facebook profile.

Press “Apps” on the left side of the screen.

Press the “x” next to the service you wish to remove.

Care.com official page on closing an account.

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