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Guide: Finding A Crematory

When a body is cremated it is reduced to ash by exposure to very high heat.

This process takes place at a crematory, which may also be called a crematorium. Crematories are outfitted with “cremation chambers,” or ovens that can reach extremely high temperatures, as well as proper air filtration and ventilation systems. Crematories may exist as stand-alone establishments; in some cases funeral homes or cemeteries may operate their own crematories.

What You Need To Know

A funeral home can help you coordinate a cremation, though in some cases—mostly depending on what state you’re in—you may be able to work with a crematory directly. In states where you may work directly with a crematory, the crematory will often coordinate the transportation of the body to the crematory as well as the delivery of the ashes after the cremation.

Cremation Association of North America

The Cremation Association of North America counts 400 crematories among its members. Under “Country” select “United States,” under “Location” enter the state in which you are looking for a crematory, and under “Business Classification” choose “Crematory.”

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