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Eldercare Cheat Sheet: Five Tips To Get You Started

Five things to keep in mind when your years turn golden.

Take some time in the present to consider your future. These five tips can help.

1. Where Do You Want to Live? (Please Don’t Say “Mars”)

You want to pick a place that best suits your situation. If you’re staying in your own home, you may need to make modifications. If you plan on moving somewhere else, be sure and visit the place to get a sense of the staff, other residents and quality of care before committing.

2. Paying For It

This type of living can get very expensive very quickly, so see how much Medicare/Medicaid will pitch in if you don’t have the means. If you’re younger and want to give the older you a gift, look into Long-Term Care Insurance.

3. In-Home Health Care (a.k.a. Home Health Care)

For those who’d like to continue to live at home but need help with activities of daily living, such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, and managing medications. [Dig Deeper: In-Home Health Care]

4. Assisted Living Facilities Or Nursing Home

For those who need some level of medical care, with access to doctors or nurses at all times, in addition to help with activities of daily living. Assisted Living Facilities feature more independence while a Nursing Home is more focused on care.

5. Florida

Just kidding. Or are we? It's really nice this time of year.

Deep Dive: All You Need To Know About Eldercare Arrangements

“Questions To Consider” Checklists: In-Home Care | Assisted Living Facility | Nursing Home

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