Downloadable Checklists And Worksheets

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Worksheet: Managing A Large Cash Windfall

swimming in money pile

PDF iconManaging-A-Large-Cash-Windfall-Worksheet.pdf

If you recently came into a lot of money, here’s how to get organized and plan for your new wealth.

Worksheet: Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral or Memorial Service

forever loved

PDF iconPre-Plan-Own-Funeral-Worksheet-2.1.pdf

Planning your own funeral or memorial service can provide peace-of-mind to you and your family.

Worksheet: Writing A Death Notice Or Obituary

stack of newspapers

PDF iconWriting-A-Death-Notice-Or-Obituary-2.1.pdf

Death notices and obituaries can have varying amounts of information; the information included is entirely up to you.

A Checklist For New Parents

mother cradling her adorable baby

PDF iconNew-Parents-Checklist-2.1.pdf

A new mommy and daddy’s work is never done. Along with raising your bundle of joy (and trying to find time for sleep) you’ve also got some major planning to do.

Checklist: Writing A Will

last will wax seal

PDF iconWriting-A-Will-Checklist-2.0.pdf

This will prepare you for the decisions you’re going to have to make when crafting a Will, whether you create one with an attorney or an online legal service.

Digital And Online Accounts Worksheet

digital and online accounts

PDF iconDigital-Online-Accounts-Worksheet-2.0.pdf

Your emails, photos, videos, and entertainment purchases are all part of your Digital Estate. Here’s one way to manage the various services you use so they don’t disappear or get deleted after you’re gone. Unless that’s what you want.

Worksheet: Create Your Ethical Will

we are the legacy we leave behind

PDF iconEthical-Will-Worksheet-2.0.pdf

By leaving your family an Ethical Will, you'll be leaving something meaningful behind, so they—and future generations—can learn from you and remember your stories after you are gone.

Worksheet: Make Sure Your Pets Are Taken Care Of

PDF iconPets-Worksheet-2.0.pdf

Even though it’s incredibly sad to think of our pets going on without us, you still need to do something about it. Here's how.

Weather Emergency & Power Outage Checklist

nasa image of hurricane over atlantic

PDF iconWeather-Emergency-Power-Outage-Checklist-2.0.pdf

A well prepared home is a happy home. Use this downloadable checklist to gather the right supplies and make sure the supplies you already have are functional and easy to find.

"I'm About To Have Surgery" Checklist

PDF iconHaving-Surgery-Checklist-2.0.pdf

Whether it's a simple procedure, or something more invasive, it never hurts to get some planning done first.

Executor Checklist

female superhero executor

PDF iconExecutor-Checklist.pdf

If you've been named as an Executor, which is the person responsible for carrying out the terms of a Will, there are some important things you should know about your new role -- whether you're called upon soon or in the far future.

Checklist: Documents To Gather Before You Start Your Everplan

PDF iconDocuments-You-Need-To-Start-Everplanning-2.0.pdf

Here are some of the essential documents, accounts, and types of info you should organize and have at the ready to make completing your Everplan that much easier.

Checklist: Financial Accounts & Assets

financial assets folder

PDF iconChecklist-Financial-Accounts-&-Assets.pdf

Don’t let disorganization become one of your biggest money problems.

Car Accident Checklist

car accident checklist

PDF iconcar-accident-checklist.pdf

Print this out and keep a copy in your glove box. We hope you never have to use it.

Checklist: Information About Your Home

home utilities

PDF iconChecklist-Information-About-Your-Home.pdf

We've identified all the stuff that goes into running a household and put it in this handy checklist.

Just Married: Newlywed Estate Planning Checklist

wedding cake bride groom topper

PDF iconNewlywed-Checklist.pdf

Congrats on your recent nuptials! Now that you’ve said the vows and enjoyed a relaxing honeymoon, it’s time to get down to business.

Worksheet: Choosing A Guardian For Your Children

baby hand holding mommy's finger

PDF iconChoosing-A-Guardian-Worksheet.pdf

A Guardian of the Person is responsible for raising your child if something happens to you and ensures the general safety, protection, and physical and emotional growth of your child over the course of his or her life. This worksheet will help you determine who in your life is up to the task.

Worksheet: Prepare To Buy Life Insurance

PDF iconWorksheet-Prepare-To-Buy-Life-Insurance-2.0.pdf

This worksheet includes the things you need so you’re ready when it’s time to meet with a licensed Life Insurance agent.

Checklist: Identify & Eliminate Skeletons In Your Closet

PDF iconChecklist-Identify-And-Eliminate-Skeletons-In-Your-Closet.pdf

A quick snapshot of everything you might want to take to the grave – or at least have deleted, erased, shredded, or destroyed by someone you trust after you’re gone.

Checklist: Diagnosed With A Serious Illness

doctor looking at an xray

PDF iconChecklist-Diagnosed-With-Serious-Illness-2.0.pdf

Whether it's for yourself or someone you love, let us help you get some important planning out of the way.

Checklist: Hiring An In-Home Caregiver

in-home care is where the heart is

PDF iconChecklist-Hiring-An-In-Home-Caregiver-2.0.pdf

Before you hire someone to provide in-home care, make sure every box on this checklist is checked off.

Checklist: Name A Power Of Attorney

power of attorney form

PDF iconPower-Of-Attorney-Checklist-2.0.pdf

This checklist will prepare you for the conversations and decisions you’re going to have to make when naming a POA.

Checklist: Creating An Advance Health Care Directive

advance directive form

PDF iconAdvance-Directive-Checklist-2.0.pdf

This downloadable checklist serves as a guide in helping you prepare your Advance Directive, and for any conversation you may have with your doctors or your family. (NOTE: To locate and complete the legally valid form for your state use this resource: State-By-State Advance Directive Forms.)

Checklist: Questions To Consider When Choosing A Nursing Home

nursing home therapy dog

PDF iconNursing-Home-Checklist.2.0.pdf

When choosing a Nursing Home, the most important issues to consider are your level of comfort and the level of care provided.

Daylight Saving Time Checklist

PDF icondaylight-saving-time-checklist-2.0.pdf

Bring this checklist around your house to make sure no time-keeping device is left behind.

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