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Choosing Your Clothing For Your Funeral

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Whether the casket at your funeral will be open or closed, you may want to choose the clothing you wear for your funeral service and then the burial or cremation.

How To Choose Your Clothing

You can choose to be dressed in new clothes that you’ve purchased for your funeral or clothes that you already own. While many people are buried in formal attire, you should feel free to be dressed in any outfit you choose, such as a favorite pair of jeans, a lucky hat, or a beloved piece of jewelry. If you know what you’d items or type of clothing you'd like to be dressed in, be sure to tell your family so that they can follow your wishes.

If You're Not Having A Funeral Service

If you are planning on not having a funeral service before the burial or cremation, you can still choose the clothes you'd like to wear.

If you are going to be cremated, be aware that there can be no metal in the cremation chamber. This means that any jewelry, piercings, belt buckles, or other metal objects must be removed prior to cremation.

Religious Considerations

If the funeral will be following any religious or cultural customs, your clothing might be dictated by those rules. Talk to your religious leader to learn more about what your religion or culture's customs are around this issue, or see our article Religious Funeral Traditions.

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