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A Complete List of Funeral Transportation Options

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Coordinating transportation with the funeral home you're working with is often the easiest way to make these arrangements, though you can arrange transportation yourself.

If the burial or cremation will happen after the funeral service, it has become customary for the family to be brought to the cemetery or burial site from the funeral site in a limousine or sedan that can seat many people.


A limousine or sedan can usually hold around 4-7 people. Usually, closest family members are transported in the limousine or sedan.


If the body and casket were present at the funeral service, a hearse will be used to transport the casket to the cemetery or burial site. A hearse, sometimes called a coach, is a car that is used to transport a casket. Shaped like a station wagon, a hearse has two seats up front (for a driver and one passenger) and a large, covered trunk in the back for the casket.

"Lead Car"

You may also hire a “lead car,” which is driven by a member of the funeral home’s staff to lead the procession of cars to the cemetery.


Motorcycle escorts and police escorts are available for the funeral procession. These escorts can be arranged by your funeral director.


Funeral homes usually have their own limousines and hearses available for rent, though you can contract a third-party rental company for these services. If you will be renting transportation from the funeral home, be aware that in addition to the flat rate for the hearse and limousine or sedan, there is often a charge for extra mileage outside the funeral home’s defined “local” area, which tends to range from 30 to 50 miles. 

Prices for renting limousines, sedans, hearses, and lead cars are generally in the following ranges:

  • Limousine or Sedan: $50-$300
  • Hearse: $175-$400
  • Lead Car: $50-$200

Transporting The Body Yourself

If you want to transport the body to the cemetery or burial site yourself, you’ll need to figure out your state’s laws on body transportation, as well as obtain any necessary documentation you will need. Be aware that in a few states a transporter’s license is necessary to transport a body, which means that only a licensed funeral home or crematory will be able to handle the transportation.

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