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9 Resources To Start Or Complete Your Bucket List

You’ll never get to the top of Mt. Everest (or the top of the tall slide at the water park) if you don’t have a little organizational help.

If the first item on your bucket list is to create a bucket list then use these sites, apps, books, and services to jump-start your adventures.

Day Zero Project

skydiving at sunrise

Stay motivated by sharing your accomplishments and to-do lists with other goal-orientated people with the Day Zero Project. Known for their “101 Things in 1001 Days” campaign, this site lets you keep track of your goals, offers up great ideas to add to your list, and lets you see what others are accomplishing. Plus, if “Downloading an App” is on your bucket list, well, go ahead and check that adventure off, Indiana Jones.

iWish App

iwish app

We all get defeated sometimes, but the iWish App not only helps you keep track of your bucket list, but it spits out helpful inspirational quotes every day to keep you on track and positive. The app also lets you create digital vision boards, which are less embarrassing and easier to manage than the giant bulletin board you keep in your cubicle.

Get Out On The Highway

motorcycle road trip

If you dreamed of riding cross country on a motorcycle this Bucket List collection of maps and DVDs will guide you to all the best roads, highways, and byways in the country. You get 21 maps — 16 road maps, and 5 back country maps… for the more adventurous — so gas up, pack some beef jerky, and don’t forget to send us a postcard once you’ve discovered America.

Bucket List Travel Box

bucket list box

You could spend $11 on this lovely box that stores your bucket list ideas, or make your own from an Altoids tin and some notecards. The important thing here is to keep it simple, low-fi, and quite adorable. Carry it with you at all times because you never know when you’ll come up with an idea or accomplish a goal.

Book It

1000 places to see before you die book

Time is of the essence, so don’t waste any by writing your own bucket list. Let “1,000 Places To See Before You Die” guide you to the, um, 1,000 places you need to see before you die. And then you’re just one extremely well-planned trip around the word away from finishing your list.

A List Can Be A Scrapbook

my bucket list journal

Because a good bucket list will take you places without electricity and Wi-Fi, it’s a good idea to keep a hardcopy of your list in an easy to organize journal simply titled “My Bucket List Journal.” If you complete all of your goals, this book of notes and ideas will be a wonderful heirloom for your grandchildren. And if you don’t, go ahead and sell this journal at a yard sale for $2 and never speak of it again.

Never Forget

reminder string

Some bucket list goals are lofty (climbing a mountain, marrying a Hemsworth brother) and thus easy to remember, but what if your goals are to see a new movie when it comes out, or try a new restaurant when it opens? Soon: The Everyday Bucket List app helps you organize the upcoming movies, shows, music, restaurant openings, events, etc., that you want to check out before you check out.

One Stop Shop

my bucket list event

Bucket List Events makes it easy to find and arrange trips to all the places and happenings that most people put on their bucket list. Here you can plan a trip to the Running of the Bulls, the Super Bowl or even Comic-Con. Find the event you’d like to attend and Bucket List Events will send you a price quote. (Warning: The Super Bowl will be disappointing and costly, so maybe think of something else such as visiting every National Park or going to Universal’s Harry Potter World.)

Pole Dancing

ship in antarctic waters

Anyone can travel to the Grand Canyon, but it takes real guts, and help from the guides at Quark Expeditions, to venture to the very ends of the earth — the North and South Poles. Quark specializes in treks to the Arctic and Antarctic, so if you’ve ever wanted to stand at the top or bottom of the world, these guys will help get you there. Bring a jacket.

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