Everplans Webinars

Everplans Weekly Demo: Thursdays at 2pm

Learn how Everplans can help you reach the next generation of clients. Join our team each week on Thursdays at 2PM EST for a discussion of the challenges facing advisors as they strive to engage and involve their clients' families in planning for the future.


Live Webinar: Everplans Advisor Spotlight Featuring Mark G. Cooke

April 27th at 11:30 AM EST

Join Mark Cooke of Heritage Financial for an informal discussion of how he has used Everplans to strengthen client relationships and provide a unique service for his clients. Our advisor spotlights are informal conversations with current Everplans clients.


Live Webinar: What To Do When Passwords Die With the Testator with Fred Weber of Northern Trust

May 3rd at 2pm EST

Join Fredrick B Weber, Estate Settlement Services Practice Leader at Northern Trust, for a discussion on the legal and practical issues surrounding the handling of digital assets within an estate. We'll cover some of the emerging legislative solutions as well as strategies you can take to protect your clients' digital worlds.


Live Webinar: The Value of Introducing Clients to the Concept of an Ethical Will with Susan Turnbull

May 17th at 2pm EST

Join Everplans and Susan Turnbull, author of The Wealth of Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Ethical Will, for a webinar discussing the value of Ethical Wills and why you should introduce them to your clients.


On-Demand Webinar: Bridging the Gap, Creating an Intergenerational Plan for Your Clients with Bob Mauterstock

Join author and expert Bob Mauterstock for a discussion on how to create a plan for your clients that spans generations. You'll learn techniques for involving aging clients, their boomer children, and their adult grandchildren in a meaningful way.


On-Demand Webinar: Everplans Advisor Spotlight Featuring Thomas Ela

Join Thomas Ela of Ela Financial for an informal discussion of how he has used Everplans to help build his business and create deeper relationships with his clients. Our advisor spotlights are informal conversations with current Everplans clients.


On-Demand Webinar: Are Your Clients Prepared For A Health Crisis? With M. Jane Markley

Join Everplans and advance care speaker M. Jane Markley for a discussion of advance care planning and the importance of ensuring your clients are fully prepared for any eventuality.


On-Demand Webinar: Everplans Client Spotlight with Cory Howes

Join Cory Howes of Forrest Firm for an informal discussion of how he has used Everplans to strengthen client relationships and provide his clients with in-depth Life and Legacy planning. Cory is a former Financial Advisor and current Estate Attorney, so he brings a unique perspective to how Everplans fits into the professional workflow.



On-Demand Webinar: Everplans Advisor Spotlight With Randy Dippell

Randy Dippell of Lakestar Wealth provided an informal discussion of how he has used Everplans to strengthen client relationships, and how our planning tool allowed his practice to provide service beyond the ordinary. Note: This is an audio-only webcast.



On-Demand Webinar: Everplans Professional Demo

Watch a webinar hosted by our team highlighting the Everplans Professional platform. This webinar features a complete with a Q&A afterward. If have additional questions don't hesitate to schedule a demo with the Everplans team to get your questions answered and see what's new in the platform.


Purposeful Planning: Conversations Beyond the Balance Sheet: A 4-Part Webinar Series

Join Barb Culver for an exclusive four-part webinar series exploring methodologies advisors can employ to foster meaningful client relationships and build the type of trust that creates lifelong loyalty. Topics include aging, intergenerational planning, and working with widows.


On-Demand Webinar: Clients With Diminished Mental Capacity

7 Steps To Protect Yourself, Your Practice, And Your Clients Who Have Diminished Mental Capacity

Expert and author Bob Mauterstock shared his keen insight on working with aging clients. What do you do when you discover that one of your clients has a diminished mental capacity? If you don't know what steps to take to protect your client and your practice, both may be at risk.  


On-Demand Webinar: Empowering Clients To Make Future Healthcare Decisions

Speaker and author Anne Elizabeth Denny provided an extremely informative webinar on how to empower clients to communicate future and end-of-life healthcare wishes. Go beyond merely checking off boxes to truly understand clients' needs and create meaningful healthcare directives for them.


On-Demand Webinar: Financial Advisor's Digital Marketing

Listen to author, speaker, and digital marketing expert Jill Addison of FA Client Machine and learn how advisors can best leverage video marketing to grow their practice.

Original Air Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 2:00 PM EST