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What The Everplans Team Is Thankful For In 2019

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 • by Gene Newman
everplans thankful in 2019

Families are front and center this year, as are dogs, cats, helpful hospitals, farmer’s markets, easier commutes, tea, sweaters, and bathrooms.


Abby is thankful for…

abby dina harris

Her family, friends, and wonderful co-workers who feel like family and friends (as pictured above).She’s also thankful for her new Away Everywhere bag. She travels a lot and the bag has so many amazing pockets!

Adam is thankful for…

adam and mom

“Being able to make my Mother's final days go the way she wanted them to go. Because we had spent some time together earlier this year talking about her wishes and putting some specific items in place, we were able to make sure that she was able to be home (and not in a hospital), having visits from friends and family, listening to her favorite music and watching the US Open on TV - all of her favorite things. It felt (and still feels) great to know that we were able to honor her wishes.”

Atanda is thankful for…

atanda and everplans dev team

“My family, friends and the Everplans Team.”

Bart is thankful for…

nyc streets

Finding a new apartment nearby so he has a nice walk for his commute instead of a terrible subway ride! [Photo Credit: Goran Bogicevic,]

Bernard is thankful for…

new bathrooms

The new bathrooms by our two outpost conference rooms. The old ones were horrifying.

Casey is thankful for…


Three generations living under one roof, and her menagerie of critters; one dog, two cats, and a hamster. “If they can all get along, so can we!”

Dina is thankful for…


For this Jenni Kayne sweater. Soooooo comfy.

Gene is thankful for…

famiy at disney

His entire family finally getting around to taking their first vacation together since the early 80s.

Geoff is thankful for…

geoff son and daughter

His kids, who not only excel in their own special way, but are thoughtful and caring to each other and their mom and dad.

Harris is thankful for…

oura ring

Thankful for my new Oaura Ring, which is going to help me maximize my sleep, lengthen my telomeres, and help me live to be 150 years old.

Kayode is thankful for…

andella birthday

“I'm thankful for my life, family, and girlfriend. I'm also thankful for all I've been able to achieve so far in 2019.” (Pictured above is our stellar team in Lagos. And a delicious cake.)

Laura is thankful for…


Supportive footwear from Dansko that hides the fact that I only wear shoes intended for nurses and chefs. She’s also thankful that her 17-year-old dog is still kicking a year after her trachea collapsed.

Matt is thankful for…


Not having to worry about Gene making up a reason for him being thankful now that he’s a newlywed. Congrats, Matt! Oh, and he’s also really thankful for socks.

Peter is thankful for…

bellevue hospital

Bellevue Hospital, Moleskine journals, and my fiancée, Rachel. Can't imagine making it through 2019 without them.”

Sarah is thankful for…

asheville tea

“As we look to Thanksgiving and back on 2019, I'm very thankful for the little things that brighten each day.  A few of my favorites are hikes with my boyfriend and dog Pearl at Babcock Preserve in CT, the lovely teas I recently discovered on a trip to Asheville from the Asheville Tea Company, and making a nice dinner at home with family and friends (I can't wait to try recipes from the new Alison Roman cookbook I recently got!).”

Taylor is thankful for…

tay family on the water

“In what could have been a made for TV movie, my sister, father and I took an Ancestry DNA test and found out we had a brother none of us knew about...and he's amazing! We all went out to Lake Tahoe, CA to meet him and will be spending Thanksgiving together this year.”

Tolu is thankful for…

digit app

The Digit app which has helped her start saving without thinking about it

Warren is thankful for…

warren and his daughter

Walking his daughter down the aisle.

Yaniv is (incredibly) thankful for…

yaniv family

His family -- Paula, Ida, and Noa -- who always keep him grounded with love and joy.

Yoko is thankful for…

lego child

Farmer’s markets, fun classes at YMCA, cashmere sweaters, her spiritual community, and being an auntie to a Lego-obsessed monster.

Zeina is thankful for…

zenia cats

Her cats, Apollo and Akela, who are still as playful now as when they were kittens.

What are you thankful for this year? Click here to let us know.