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What Gifts Did The Everplans Staff Get Each Other? The Results May Shock And Surprise You! (Or At Least Amuse You.)

Friday, December 19, 2014 • by Gene Newman

Perhaps you already saw our 2014 Completely Responsible (Yet Still Very Fun) Holiday Gift Guide, which offered a bunch of options for what you should buy for your family, friends, and other gift-worthy people in your life. But what did the Everplans staff give each other?

We recently held our second annual “yankee swap." We’re still not 100-percent solid on all the rules and regulations, but it’s like a Secret Santa -- except you can steal other people’s gifts. Or something. Rather than give you a play-by-play of who ended up with what, let’s just say it was a lot of fun. Here’s a rundown of all the awesome $25-and-under presents along with the person who bought it.

Stan: Delicious Kona Cowboy coffee from The Big Island. Aloha, indeed!

William: A tasteful and stylish mixer and glass. Simple, yet elegant.

Liz: A retractable table tennis set, perfect for a game of small-ball whenever the mood strikes. Everplans Lore: Notice how the table on the box looks a lot like our actual, glorious conference room table. Coincidence? Maybe. But that table is a powerful force in our company and, apparently, moonlights as a model table during off-hours.

Gene: A handy AmazonBasics bluetooth speaker packed with tasty peeps to keep it safe.

Adam: A hover target game, which, according to the packaging, is “the target game that defies gravity!” This finally gives us a reasonable way to resolve any and all company disputes. Hover shoot-off!

Dania: This Rubbermaid Tupperware set proved to be the height of practicality and usefulness.

Yaniv: The Syma X11 drone. Yep, for $25 you can buy an actual drone. That flies. Thru the air!

Michael: It’s wine time. What we have here is a delectable petite sirah, vintage 2007.

Abby: A Skull piggybank. Because, of course. We are Everplans, after all.

Ammon: Someone raided the Bed, Bath and Beyond fun section. This multi-gift collection featured a Disc Shooter (with discs!), mini desktop bowling game, and a chess and backgammon set.

Warren: Munchkin, which is a highly addictive game where you “Kill The Monsters - Steal The Treasure - Stab Your Buddy.” You had us at “Kill The Monsters,” Munchkin.

Bernie: Steel Reserve Spiked Punch malt liquor. Every holiday gift exchange requires at least one clunker, and the newest guy on the Everplans team didn’t disappoint. Unless you got stuck with this gift. In which case, Ha Ha!

After the yankee swap gifts had found proper homes, our bosses unveiled a surprise: Each one of us received a Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon’s ultra-light and snazzy e-reader.

We spent the rest of the evening finishing Bernie’s punch, swapping stories, and leaving a huge mess behind.

Hope everyone out there has a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.