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Hello world.

Hi world,

We are excited to announce that as of November 19th, at 10:40 pm, has officially launched its new Website. (We're still in Beta so please be kind.)

We're a small team and we've been working on Everplans for over two years, researching—and in some cases, personally experiencing—end-of-life issues. And, perhaps more importantly, we've been putting all that knowledge into a unique step-by-step process that can help take some of the stress away from families dealing with a death.

These are still early days for us and we have a lot more coming, but we're very excited to finally be able to show you what we've created.

Everplans is a site that helps people deal with the logistics of end-of-life and death. It's a tough topic and as fewer and fewer people can rely on local community, religion or extended family to guide them through this difficult stuff, we're seeing more and more people struggle with complicated, expensive decision-making when they're at their most stressed and least capable. For more information on the site, you can read About Us.

To coincide with our Beta launch, we're also kick-starting this Everplans Blog. We are passionate about helping people deal with and feel more comfortable about death. We're are making it our mission in the blog to cover it all—whether it's information on new legislation that might affect you, trends in how society is dealing with death, new products and services you should be aware of, or just real stories by people who have helpful anecdotes to share. And, because this is such a tough topic, we'll also be sharing some of the stories we see out there that are just plain unusual or fascinating.

We are also looking forward to using the blog to announce many more exciting features on the Everplans site in the coming months.

If you have a moment, please take a look at Everplans. We would love your feedback on both the site and the blog, and are always open to article or blog post suggestions.


Abby (and Adam and Sarah)

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