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The Many Things The Everplans Team Is Thankful For In 2016

Whether you viewed 2016 as a positive or not so positive year, there’s always something that makes you happy to be alive. Here’s what we’re thankful for this year.

Abby is thankful for...


Bringing a new adorable human into the world and getting all the support I needed from family, friends, and the EP team.

Plus, my other princess is the best older sister ever. (And Ollie is the best doggy ever.)

Adam is thankful for...

This year, more than any other year I can remember, for a few days away from everything with my family.

Adebayo is thankful for…

adebayo hanging in NYC

Making an impact in people's lives via Everplans, having the chance to meet everyone in person when I visited New York, and getting my US Visa on my third try!

Ammon is thankful for…

brown skiing on mountain

Snow on mountains.

Bart is thankful for...

My cats Mulder and Scully and these wise words from cinematic classic The Fast and the Furious:

“Spirit. Thank you. Thank you for providing us with the direct-port nitrous... uh... injection, four-core intercoolers, an' ball-bearing turbos, and... um... titanium valve springs. Thank you.” —Jesse (RIP)

Ben is thankful for…

cold brew

Cold brew. (Edit Note: We’re all extremely thankful for Ben’s Mom’s banana bread. Man is that stuff tasty!)

Bernard is thankful for...

bourbon on the rocks

His time on the campaign trail in North Carolina. (And Bourbon.)

Casey is thankful for…

Sierra puppy

Her new puppy Sierra.

Dina is thankful for…


Online warehouse store Boxed. It has changed my life. Seriously.

Gene is thankful for…

woodwick candles

Woodwick Candles. They smell good and make a soothing crackling sound, which is as close to having a fireplace as I can get. (Oh, and my dogs. Of course.)

Harris is thankful for…

man screaming at phone

Voice to text.

Jamie is thankful for…

vintage typewriter

National Novel Writing Month and SNL.

Kayode is thankful for…

hitting your goals

Reaching 70-percent of my technical ability improvement goals.

Keith is thankful for…

pie-off contest

The pie-off contest on my first day of work here. (Coincidence or best welcoming ever?)

Maneesh is thankful for…

getting fit and losing weight

My wife and family helping me get healthy this year. Also, I really appreciate the team here not tempting me with sugar, fat, meat, and other treats. (Excluding the Everplans pie-off contest mentioned above.)

Matt is thankful for…



Peter is thankful for...

a tribe called quest

The new Tribe Call Quest album (“We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service”) and having my annual “Friendsgiving” celebration.

Scott is thankful for…

soup dumplings

Soup dumplings. Eating them all.

Stan is thankful for…

mexico city soumaya museum

My vacation to Mexico City.

Taylor is thankful for…

mint chocolate chip ice-cream

Mint chocolate chip ice-cream.

Tolulope is thankful for…

family tree

My niece and nephew.

Warren is thankful for…

alexander signature series king sized bed

After 25 years of marriage, my wife and I finally got a king-size bed. (Edit Note: He’s 6’ 5”)

Yaniv is thankful for…

the n train

The N Train now running express in Manhattan.

Yoko is thankful for…

stuff your mom never told you podcast

Quality podcasts such as to Stuff Mom Never Told You.

What are you thankful for this year? Click here to let us know.

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