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Our Co-Founder Contributes To Forbes; Tackles Multigenerational Planning

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 • by Taylor Rooney

Our Co-Founder and Co-CEO Abby Schneiderman's first article as a contributor addresses a topic that's extremely vital to the financial community: How can financial advisors cater to their next generation of clients?

The great multigenerational transfer of wealth is here, with $40 trillion in assets expected to change hands from baby boomers to Gen X and then millennials over the next 30 years. Financial advisors will need to cater to an entirely new generation of clients who grew up with a smart phone in hand and the ability to connect with service providers anytime, from anywhere, on their own terms.

To help navigate these uncertain waters, Abby offers some helpful tips such as:

Don’t hesitate to hold their hand, and do it digitally: Younger tech-savvy clients expect a different level of service than their parents may have received.

Update your online presence - and referral approach: When someone needs a medical specialist, an attorney, or a contractor, they almost always turn to friends, family, and colleagues.

Treat the whole family as the client: For those looking to bridge the generation gap it’s crucial to treat the whole family as a client, rather than dealing with couples or individuals.

Call a meeting: This is not the time to sell everyone on you and your firm. This is about starting a conversation among the immediate family with you as the moderator, voice of reason, and helpful ear.

Make it personal: It doesn't begin and end with financial accounts – think about how to get involved in other areas of your client’s life like their estate planning, health, and legacy.

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