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MarketWatch Cites Everplans As Helping Millennials Think About Death

Monday, June 13, 2016 • by Dania McDermott

The financial information site examines technology's role in making end-of-life planning more accessible.

In a recent story on MarketWatch ("These companies want millennials to think about their deaths"), Everplans is credited with helping people face the undesirable but unavoidable truth: Someday, we’re all going to die.

If you’re wondering how we achieve such a feat, don’t fret -- the article features an interview with our co-founder Abby Schneiderman, who explains our origins, consumer and professional platforms, as well as what makes us uniquely appealing:

“It’s much more human and real than you might think of when you think of an end-of-life planning company,” she said. “[Our conversational approach is] more like an article on BuzzFeed than a traditional end-of-life planning site.”

We’re thrilled to be recognized for bringing a fresh perspective to end-of-life-planning and appreciate when others help us spread the word.

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