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Maria Shriver’s Blog Says Everplans Helps Make End-Of-Life Planning Less Scary

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 • by Dania McDermott

In a recent story on, Everplans is named as one of the tools everyone should use to confront end-of-life care.

Written by founder Anne Tumlinson, 3 Tools for Caregivers & Loved Ones to Face Fear and Find Meaning at the End-of-Life Care Stage explains the fear-meets-denial sequence most people experience when facing death.

But it’s not all doom and gloom where death is concerned -- the article also offers solutions to combat our inherent aversion to end-of-life matters (or, as Tumlinson puts it, to “face fear and find meaning”). In a section called “Get It In Writing” Tumlinson specifically calls out Everplans:

I am a huge fan of new online registries for advance directives. Two I like are and Both companies have spent a lot of time and effort making their websites easy to use, and they provide a lot of information. A third great resource is

It is important to get in writing your parents’ wishes about what they want and don’t want, particularly about various forms of life-extending care. You not only want it in writing, but you want it on file with the doctor and hospital, and you want it at home in an obvious place, or else you run the risk that in an emergency the instructions will be overlooked.

Big thanks to Maria Shriver (and Anne Tumlinson) for shedding light on this important issue (and the Everplans shout-out). If you don’t have your medical decisions in writing, go to our State-By-State Advance Directive Forms resource and get to work.