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Kiplinger Lists Everplans Among Best Sites For Organizing Estate Planning Documents

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 • by Abby Schneiderman

In the November 2015 Kiplinger's Retirement Report, Everplans is named one of the best sites to store estate planning documents.

Kiplinger, a leading personal finance and business publisher, recently named Everplans among the best sites for storing and sharing estate planning documents -- and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

The article highlights the usefulness of Everplans beyond end-of-life planning, and features quotes from our very own Abby Schneiderman:

Everplans ( Co-founder Abby Schneiderman says she doesn't think of the site as a "platform before you die, but a place to organize all details of your life when you are living." That could include informing people where to find an extra set of keys.

You first take a short, personal assessment, including your marital status, ages of children, and whether you have a will and health care directives. Then you receive customized recommendations on what to tackle first. Everplans provides links to sites where you can download legal and health forms from your state.

There's space to write your own obituary and to upload a photo for your obit. And you can leave a letter to your family or instructions about possessions.

For those just learning about the power of planning, here's an easy way to get started right now. For current subscribers, visit any section on your To-Do list to add meaningful pieces of information to your Everplan -- from key locations to the locations of key documents.

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