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Keep Things Private Until After You're Gone

Here’s a feature we know is important to many of you — sharing information only after you’ve passed away.

Since launching Everplans, many of you have requested the ability to reveal information in your Everplan only after you’ve passed away. Our new Sharing After Death feature lets you do exactly that: decide which sections of your Everplan you want to share with each Deputy now, and which sections should only be shared after you’re gone.

How Sharing After Death Works

When you add a new Deputy (or change an existing Deputy’s permissions) we’ll ask you to choose which sections of your plan you want to share now, and which sections should only be shared after your death.

Any sections that you’ve chosen to keep private until after your death will remain locked from your Deputy’s view.

For details of this new feature, see our Walkthrough Video

How “After Death” Sections Get Unlocked

In order for your “After Death” sections to be unlocked, you must give one of your Deputies the responsibility and permission to report your death to Everplans.

After reporting your death, the Deputy must wait while Everplans attempts to contact you via email with the opportunity to block the unlocking. You can choose a wait time for your unlockers of up to 30 days.

If we do not hear back from you and the wait time expires, you are marked as deceased in our database, and your “After Death” sections are unlocked for all your Deputies.

For details of this new feature, see our Walkthrough Video

Who Should I Consider For My Unlocker(s)?

Sharing After Death works on the basis of trust. Your unlockers should be individuals you trust and understand your wishes. They should be in good health and be able to take on this responsibility when the time comes. If you are working with a professional, such as a trusted advisor or attorney, you might consider asking them to be your unlocker.

Sections you might want to hide vs. sections you want to keep sharing.

The Sharing After Death feature was built based on the feedback we heard from you. Many of you expressed wishes to hide some of the more sensitive pieces of your Everplans, such as financial details, wills, letters to your friends and family, and passwords to your online accounts.

On the other hand, there are certain pieces of information we suggest you keep sharing with your Deputies. For example, your loved ones will need access to your Health & Medical information such as an Advance Directive and Health Care Proxy. They will also need immediate access to your Funeral Preferences when the time comes. Please keep these situations in mind as you use the Sharing After Death feature.

Ready to try it out?

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