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Introducing Everplans 2.0, A Major Update

Streamlined Design, Enhanced Guidance, Security Upgrades, And New Ways To Get Started

For the past several months we’ve been hard at work on a new version of Everplans that is easier to use, more secure, and more helpful to you and your family. Today, we’re rolling it out to a wider audience of users.

This new version of Everplans includes:

  • An improved onboarding experience for users who have just activated their accounts
  • Personalized suggestions and workflows for users to get the most out of Everplans
  • An enhanced structure for managing the information in your Everplan
  • Enhanced security with unique encryption keys for each user
  • Speed improvements to make pages and data load faster

Together, all this adds up to a whole new experience for Everplans users. We hope you find these changes useful, valuable, and as exciting as we do!

Getting New Users Started

Everplans Welcome Screen

We’ve updated the way new users get started with Everplans on day 1. After creating an account, new users will be guided through a unique set of questions that helps Everplans understand their personal situation, what planning they have already done, and where they might need assistance filling key gaps in their planning. Based on their answers, we’ll make a custom recommendation on the best way to get started with Everplans.

Personalized Guidance And Recommendations

Suggested For You

Based on what you’ve told Everplans about your situation, we use a new, proprietary algorithm to create a highly personalized action plan, designed to walk you through a series of small steps that will get all aspects of your life organized and accessible by your loved ones in one place.

We’ll guide you through:

  • Uploading your important legal, healthcare, and insurance documents
  • Organizing your financial world so others can make sense of it
  • Making sure your family has the information it needs about your key digital accounts
  • Getting digital copies of key IDs and Vital Documents uploaded and organized
  • And much more

A Simpler Structure For Your Information

Everplans Categories

We’ve simplified the categories and sections used to organize your information, and have created 10 easy-to-scan summary pages for the main areas of your Everplan.

As part of this, we added three new dedicated, top-level sections to the navigation. One for all your Home & Property, one for Digital, and one for Family and Loved Ones. Previously, all these important sections lived under a broader area we called My Life.

You can now easily see all the information you’ve entered into each category at a glance on each page, along with helpful suggestions and useful articles and guides at your fingertips.

Enhanced Security With Unique Encryption Keys

We've improved our encryption system by adding a new public/private key infrastructure with unique encryption keys for every Everplan. This makes your account even more secure and further ensures that your data can only be viewed by users to whom you’ve explicitly granted access to the encryption key.

These changes build on our existing security framework. As a reminder, we encrypt every single personally identifiable field in the database, including your name and email address. Your data is secured at rest and in transit. And Everplans administrators can never see the plan information that you fill out or any documents that you upload. To learn more about our security practices, visit

Speed Improvements To Make Pages And Data Load Faster

As part of this release, we’ve made significant upgrades to the performance of the Everplans web application. Almost every page within the application has been moved onto a new technology platform designed to deliver the information you need with as little friction as possible. You’ll notice that pages load much faster, and that data is saved, encrypted, and retrieved more quickly.

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