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Financial Planning Expert Bob Veres Lists Everplans Among Top Life Management Portals

The influential financial planning writer reports that Everplans “sets a tone” in the financial advisor/client relationship.

In the July 2017 Insider Information newsletter, Bob Veres offers an overview of Everplans in a feature entitled “Life Management Portals.” The synopsis for the article states that the “traditional client portal is morphing into something much more useful and comprehensive.”

From there, Veres takes you through our transition from “providing information and advice (which it still does, copiously) to collecting and storing personal and financial information in a convenient online format.” Here’s a concise overview of his description of our platform:

As you go at your own pace, you input information about your family, your home and other real estate ownership, vehicles, all your digital resources including passwords, medical information, your will and trusts, funeral preferences and letters to your family members after you’re gone. You can upload an unlimited number of documents. As the client fills in the various bits and pieces of their personal and financial life, at the bottom of the screen, they are constantly educated via three types of guidance materials: a checklist, a guide and an article, all color coded. Meanwhile, clients can decide which family members and/or professionals they want to share each item of information with—they’re called“deputies” in company nomenclature.

Veres also spoke with financial advisors to explain how it’s allowing them connect better with clients (“This goes well beyond having just a vault”) as well as helping them facilitate conversation that most clients typically avoid.

Instead of us recapping the whole thing, why don’t you give it a read yourself? Click here to download the PDF.

[via Bob Veres]

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