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Everplans Releases Version 2.0

Everplans has gotten an overhaul!

Our entire team has been holed up in an undisclosed location researching, refining, and building an entirely new Everplans experience for our users. We listened carefully to hundreds of customers who offered us brilliant feedback and incorporated many of those suggestions into the new Everplan. We think you’ll like what you see. But don't believe us. Just believe your own eyes.

When you log in you'll see quite a few changes. We've created new sections, renamed others, and moved things around to make it a better experience. Of the dozens of enhancements, here are 10 of the biggest ones we want to point out:

1. A Clean And Crisp "My Everplan" Page

With cleaner design and a more intuitive interface, we’ve made it much easier to manage your Everplan. This benefits not only you, but your Deputies as well. So pretty!

2. Work It

You can now include extensive details about your employer, your business, and other occupational income sources. Each employment status selection displays a different set of options allowing you to share this vital info with your Deputies.

3. There's No Place Like Homes & Real Estate

We supersized the Homes & Real Estate section, giving you the the ability to add everything anyone would need to know about your home in one place. This includes ownership, utilities, security, and more. You can also add multiple residencies and other types of real estate you may own as well.

4. In Case Of Emergency...

All of your need-to-know people are now housed in one handy section. This allows your Deputies faster access to these crucial people in your life, which can make a huge difference in the event of an emergency.

5. Teamwork: Medical, Legal, and Financial

We’ve added stand-alone sections for your financial advisors, attorneys, doctors, and care givers so you can easily share and keep track of all the professionals who help you with your planning, health, and legal needs.

6. A Plan With Benefits

The new Benefits & Pensions section stores information about your Social Security, pension, and other valuable annuities. When it comes time to settle your affairs, or for your family to collect benefits they're owed, this information will be priceless.

7. Family Matters

Your family is so important they deserve their own Everplan section. You can now also include detailed information about your spouse, children, and extended family. It's like Thanksgiving all year round.

8. On The Road… Or Water

Vehicle ownership generates a surprising amount of complexity, but we've distilled it down to the essential information a Deputy might need. You can even add boats, RVs, and other vehicle types to this section.

9. Notes & Instructions Everywhere

Sometimes you need to convey important information that's uniquely applicable to you and your loved ones. Fortunately, we've included a "Notes & Instructions" section with every question in the entire Everplan, so you can elaborate on your situation as eloquently as you like.

10. Medical Decisions All In One Place

We’ve combined a number of vital medical documents into a single section called "Advance Directive." Because different states use different forms — Living Will, Health Care Proxy, DNR, etc.), we included them in a new single section of the plan under "Health & Medical."

And That's Not All...

There's also so much more, like the ability to add family recipies in the new "My Life & Legacy" section. For those of you who already have an account, feel free to dive in and check it out. For those who don't, what are you waiting for? Get planning already.

Note for existing users: While we took great care to migrate your data to the new Everplan, there may be some things that have been misplaced. Since we cannot, under any circumstances, see the information in your Everplan, log in and take a look for yourself and let us know if there are any issues.

We’d also love to hear your thoughts on the new Everplan. Send us a note here.

Thanks and enjoy the new planning experience!

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