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Everplans Professional: Now Available For Your Whole Team

We know that taking care of your clients' needs often requires the work of more than one person.

You can now add multiple members of your firm to your Everplans Professional account. Contact your account manager to purchase additional seats and take advantage of the new features available:

  • Adding multiple Advisors and Assistants to your firm's Everplans Professional account
  • Enabling all members on your account to view and manage the firm's clients across multiple Advisors
  • Creating additional layers of security by providing each member of your firm with their own unique login

Add additional Advisors and Assistants to your Everplans Professional account

With our most recent update, you can now add additional members of your firm seamlessly. Include a fellow Advisor's name and email address, send out an invite, and they can start creating and managing their clients’ Everplans.

Is there someone else at your firm who handles client accounts on a day-to-day basis? Add them as an Assistant, and they can start adding client data on your behalf. It's all available on your Firm Settings page:

Collaborate with your colleagues and assistants

Any Advisor or Assistant can now view and manage clients under your firm's account. Each client is assigned to one Advisor, but other users in the organization can help with managing that client's account. This makes collaboration that much easier.

Say goodbye to shared logins

Everplans is built from the ground up with security in mind. With multiple users under a single firm, now everyone at your firm can have their own username, password, and unique phone number for two-step verification.

Same great experience for your clients

Your clients won't see anything different. Just as before, when they log in they’ll see the co-branding and contact information for their Advisor.

Are you a Single-Advisor firm?

Not planning to upgrade? Don't worry, your current license still gives you access to the same functionality as you had before.

Ready to get started? Contact your account manager today and ask them about our new features.

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