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Everplans Featured In New York Times Story About Planning For The Unforeseen

Friday, October 6, 2017 • by Dina Germadnig

It’s important to prepare for the unexpected. Whether it’s a flood, a fire, an illness, or something else, it’s never too soon to get a plan in place. In the business section of The New York Times, Paul Sullivan wrote about planning for the unforeseen and promiently featured Everplans as a resource to help make your plans a reality.

"Even thinking about an unexpected, life-changing event can be unsettling. But death or illness can happen at any time," the article begins. "Unfortunately, people do not plan for such events. And statistically, most younger people could go years without planning and not really worry. Of course, the unexpected does happen, and without proper planning, the consequences can be magnified."

To help remedy this problem, Sullivan included the following about Everplans:

It guides users through a list of documents and discussions that need to be considered: wills, insurance, a health care directive, passwords for email and social media accounts, funeral planning. But it also has sections for storing keepsakes like family recipes or for leaving instructions about pet care or how things work in the home.

“We want to help people think of the unexpected,” said Abby Schneiderman, co-founder and co-chief executive of Everplans. “It could be anything unexpected. Natural disaster, flood, fire, illness, a death — you don’t know. The idea is: Don’t wait until it’s too late.”

The service, which costs individuals $75 a year, prods users to do more. It offers a 10-minute “just in case” plan that asks people to put down as much information as they know from memory, Ms Schneiderman said.

“We want to be a one-stop shop, but we also try to get people to take it a piece at a time,” she said. For instance, the service sends out electronic reminders to prompt users to take one more step.

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