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Everplans Crashes the NFP Strategy Summit In Orlando

OK, the term crash is a bit of an overstatement...

We were invited to attend but we like to dramatize our headlines. Everplans brought a spark to the NFP conference in Orlando this week, handing out phone chargers and chatting up some of the best advisors from across the country. Our team took this opportunity to get feedback from the experts who live in the trenches of the financial world, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. As we launch our professional platform it's especially heartening to know that our message resonates with the very experts to whom we seek to provide services.

Abby Schneiderman Working The Room At NFP

A big Everplans thanks goes out to the world-class team at NFP for hosting us. Also thanks to Orlando for being warmer than New York, even though we never had a chance to go outdoors.

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