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Everplans Co-Founder Shares Her Wisdom About Multi-Generational Planning On SEI Investments Blog

Everplans has formed a strategic partnership with financial services company SEI.

Our first step with SEI: Contributing to their blog to help spread the word about reaching the next generation of clients.

After speaking on a panel about how advisors should be leveraging technology to do multi-generational planning within the same family, our Co-Founder Abby Schneiderman had some major revelations.

She shared her thoughts and expertise on the SEI Investments blog in a post entitled “Life, Legacy and the Pursuit of Your Clients’ Kids.” You can read the entire post on their blog, but here are a few highlights:

After the session, an advisor approached me asking why I cared that my parents’ financial advisor had not reached out to me. He said that I almost seemed offended by it. At first, I thought it was obvious for all the reasons we had discussed during the presentation:
  • It’s important for advisors to reach out to establish a deeper client relationship
  • Using technology, like ours, can help and be an incredible facilitator
  • Helping clients get all of their affairs in order is the perfect way to establish a good relationship with your clients’ kids, who will then request the same type of planning services and be more likely become your next generation of clients

Abby admits that she was a little offended that her parents’ advisors hadn’t done a better job of creating a relationship with her, and how it could be easily remedied:

There are many ways for advisors to start engaging the next generation. We’re working really hard on building bridges and have found that a perfect way to start engaging both ends of the “generation” is by helping your clients gather all the important information their family needs for estate and legacy planning purposes.
If you can help your clients and their families talk about this together and help them get it organized, then suddenly you’re at the foundation of some really important family discussions. You’re an important bridge between multiple generations within the same family – helping to hold it all together.

Are you an SEI Advisor? Everplans has partnered with SEI to provide preferred pricing on Everplans Professional for SEI advisors. Contact us here for details.

Share Your Stories

We’re looking to gather stories about your experiences with financial advisors. Do you know who manages your parents’ finances? Have they ever reached out to you? If you’re an advisor, please share how important intergenerational planning is to you. Send all your stories here.

[via SEI]

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