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August 2018 Product Wrap-Up: New Sections, Integration Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

The Everplans team regularly pushes out new product features, improvements and bug fixes.

At the end of each month, we highlight improvements we’ve made and bugs we’ve fixed. Take a look at the changes we made in August 2018.

Enhancements and Upgrades

  • We’ve added a “Birth Certificate” section under About Me: Vital Documentation.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Some users were unable to add a backup email.
  • Fixed: An animated graphic that indicated a page was still loading was not working in some browsers.

Everplans Professionals

  • We made a series of updates to our Redtail integration:
    • Within Redtail, firm assistants can now view recent Everplans activity by clients.
    • We’ve simplified the way financial accounts are imported from Redtail to Everplans. Now, each unique account in Redtail will generate a unique account in Everplans.
    • If your firm has created custom account types in Redtail, they will be imported and displayed correctly in Everplans.
  • Fixed: Some clients inadvertently received a request from their advisors for permission to edit their Everplan. (No permissions were given in these instances.)

Thank You

As always, a big thank you to all the Everplanners, Deputies, and Advisors out there who reported bugs and asked for enhancements. We always appreciate hearing from you.

Report issues and ask for new features here.

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