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Don’t just tell your employees you care, show them

Everplans supports employees through life's important moments by creating and organizing essential estate planning documents, keeping track of important family information, and providing grief coaching during times of loss.

Innovative Benefits in the Era of Hybrid Work

The overwhelming majority of employees (92%) rate benefits as an important contributor to their job satisfaction. Benefits play an ever-increasing role in wellness and DEI initiatives, and help employers meet growing needs and expectations.

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For all of life's critical moments

Guidance & organization app, estate planning docs, grief coaching

  • Step-by-step guidance to organize and securely share family documents, IDs, vital info, and accounts

  • Learn about essential estate planning documents; Create the right plan, with a Will, Power of Attorney, Living Trust, and more

  • Schedule grief coaching sessions; Access additional guidance and tools, including articles, videos, and checklist

Work in the context of life

83% of employees: personal problems affect work performance

  • 84% of employees are less productive when they feel disorganized

  • Only 33% of Americans have a Will or other estate plan in place

  • More than half of grieving employees plan to leave jobs where they feel unsupported

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