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What To Expect When Attending A Religious Funeral

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If the funeral will be held at a religious place of worship or will follow religious traditions, you may want to learn a little bit about the customs before you attend. This'll help you act appropriately and respectfully, and feel more comfortable during the service and the rituals.

What To Expect At A Religious Funeral

For the most part, religious funerals are held in a religious place of worship and officiated by a religious leader. Each religion has its own customs, but, in general there will be regular congregants or individuals who work at the place of worship who are there to guide the uninitiated participant through the rules and steps of the ritual. Prayers will often be said aloud, and the religious leader officiating the service will usually deliver a eulogy remembering the person who died. Still, different religions have very different traditions, so to learn more, visit our articles on Religious Funeral Traditions or speak with your local religious leader to learn more about the customs.

All that said, a calm, consoling, and respectful presence is almost universally accepted, regardless of religion or faith, but an open willingness to follow certain foreign rules or traditions is equally important.

To learn about different religions' funeral customs, see our article Religious Funeral Traditions.

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Funeral Etiquette

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