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What Happens To Your Frequent Flier Miles When You Die?

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There are lots of important documents to organize in order to make the process of settling your estate easier on your family (such as Life Insurance paperwork, evidence of Trusts, your Will), but what about your frequent flier miles? Are they transferrable when you die? The New York Times talked to six major airlines to get their policies for transferring miles, and found that there's not really a single (or clear) answer to this question. Tim Winship, the editor of FrequentFlier.com, says:

What you often find is that the formal policy, as found in [airlines'] terms and conditions, says that frequent flier miles cannot be given away through wills, but when you call the customer service center you find out that yes, in fact they will allow that.

The Times offers tips for how to include your miles in your estate planning, as well as specific language for including miles in your will.

[via The New York Times]

Written by Sarah Whitman-Salkin

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