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Protestant Funeral Traditions

Most Protestants believe that Jesus Christ is both the human and divine incarnation of God. By having faith in Jesus Christ believers are able to reject the sin that was imposed upon humanity by the fall of man and attain eternal life with God in Heaven.

Though there is not agreement among the Protestant denominations regarding the role of the individual in his or her salvation, many Protestants agree that salvation can only be attained through faith in Jesus Christ. Many Protestants also believe that on the day of judgment the faithful will be resurrected to eternal life with God in Heaven while those who do not believe in Jesus Christ will live eternally without God in Hell.

Everplans offers information on the funeral traditions of the following Protestant denominations:

• Anglican/Episcopalian

• Baptist

• Lutheran

• Methodist

• Presbyterian

• Quaker

The information presented here offers a broad take on Protestant traditions. It's always a good idea to contact your local clergy with any questions you might have.

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