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Personal Story: Loss, Grief, and Recovery

Mark lost his wife of 28 years to cancer two years ago and documented his experience on his site.

It's quite comprehensive and offers an honest and thoughtful look at his loss from all angles. His most recent post, Caregiving, Loss, Grief, and Recovery: A Journey, is perhaps his most personal.

This is no self-help DIY answer to horrific loss and sadness. There are reams of literature on the topic of grief and loss most of which will guide you better. This is simply a look back though a different set of eyes to identify the elements and process of loss, grief, and recovery.

Here at Everplans we're working towards finding a better way of addressing the needs of caregivers. If you've suffered through a loss and want a new perspective, this is a great place to start.

Via The BioContinuum Group

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