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Modern Family Parents Have No Plan For Future, Drink Too Many Mojitos

On ABC's hit TV show Modern Family, Claire and Phil Dunphy (Julie Bowden and Ty Burrell) took their daughter Haley (Sarah Hyland) out to nice, booze-fueled dinner to find out her plans for the future.

Haley knows something’s up and refuses to drink, waiting patiently and staying sharp. After some awkward exchanges, their role as concerned parents hits a snag when they find out she’s been doing a fashion blog and intends to take business classes to monetize it.

Then the tables are turned.

“You know what I’m pretty sure is ironic?” Haley asks. “You guys spend all this time worrying what I’m going to do when maybe you should start thinking about what you’re going to do.”

Claire: “What are you talking about?”

Haley: “What are you gonna do when we’re gone? What’s your plan?”

Claire: “To be fine!”

Phil: “Yeah. Totally. When you guys are gone, we get an RV, BAM! Me, momma, and our dog Marlin hit the open road.” (Note: Presently, the Dunphy family doesn’t have a dog, let alone one named Marlin.)

Claire (in utter disagreement): “No, I am not spending my golden years driving around an RV park looking for a place to plug my house in.”

The cornered parents continue to sloppily argue about the future without producing any tangible answers.

Haley: “Wow, it sounds like you guys really to start thinking about your future.”

They hedge some more and have a tough, and hilarious, time trying to talk their way out of it. (It's a funny show.) Of course it made us think: How many parents spend so much time worrying about their kids, which is completely normal, and don’t plan for themselves? Not just for retirement, but beyond. You might not want to do it after consuming three or more mojitos, but still something to think about.

Of course the Modern Family parent shaming didn’t end there. Haley has to pick up the check because they forgot money. And she has to drive them home because they’d been drinking. And she needed to slip them some cash to tip the valet.

Modern Family Daughter: 1
Modern Family Parents: 0

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