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Illinois Advance Directive Form

Below is the information you'll need in order to obtain an Advance Directive in Illinios, which is comprised of two separate documents.

Overview: In Illinois you must fill out two separate forms to have a complete Advance Directive. The first form is a Living Will and the second is a Power of Attorney for Health Care (a.k.a. Health Care Proxy).

Required Information for the Living Will: You and two (2) witnesses must sign your IL Living Will for it to be considered valid.

Download the Illinois Living Will Form Here

Required Information for naming a Health Care Proxy: You and two (2) witnesses must sign your IL Health Care Proxy form for it to be considered valid Witnesses CAN NOT be:

  • An attending physician, mental health service provider or relative of the physician or provider.
  • An owner, operator, or relative of an owner or operator of a healthcare facility in which you are a patient or resident
  • A parent, sibling, descendant, or any spouse of such parent, sibling, or descendant of either the patient or any agent or successor agent under the foregoing power of attorney, whether such relationship is by blood, marriage, or adoption an agent or successor agent under the foregoing Power of Attorney.

Download the Illinois Health Care Proxy Form Here
(Via Illinois Department of Public Health)

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