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How To Send The Right Condolence Gift

If you don't live near the bereaved, or cannot offer your time, there are still ways to help before the funeral or memorial service.

Sending a gift after a death is a traditional way of expressing condolences. These days, with so many online delivery tools and services, you can send a person nearly anything, which makes the act of sending a gift not just sympathetic, but helpful as well.

Find out if someone is coordinating gifts to the family, and be in touch with that person to figure out if there are specific things that the family needs. Groceries and household products can usually be purchased online and sent to the family home.

Sending Flowers

Flowers are a common condolence gift, and can be purchased online or from a local florist. Flowers can be sent to the family's home, to the funeral home, or to the place where the funeral will be held. If you're not sure where to send flowers, it's best to call the funeral home and ask if the family has specified where they'd like flowers to be sent.

To purchase flowers online, use our resource Guide: Purchasing Flowers.

Sending Gift Baskets

Fruit baskets, or gift baskets with cheese and crackers or cookies and candies are commonly sent gifts. Sending a gift basket lets the family know that you're thinking of them. In addition, if the family will be receiving many visitors, gift baskets can be a way to help the family feed guests. Gift baskets should be sent to the family's home.

For other ways to help someone who has experienced a loss, see our article Offering to Help When Someone Has Experienced a Loss.

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